The Life-Changing Impact of a Great Coach

| May 29, 2019
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My first coach, Hans Schreiber, changed my life forever.  I was eight years old and a new member of the Huntington Sharks soccer team. Little did I know it at the time, his lessons, influence, and memorable coaching moments were destined to have a significant impact on the rest of my life.

We were a bunch of enthusiastic, energetic, athletic kids wanting to play soccer – Mr. Schreiber was a former pro player, corporate executive, and caring father of one of my teammates. Unlike most childhood teams where coaches change each season and kids come and go, the Sharks stayed together and Mr. Schreiber was our coach for ten years, until I was 18 and ready to leave for college. 

Sure, we became really good soccer players and won championships, got lots of trophies and even traveled the world to play. But there was more, much more that would stay with us long after the team disbanded:  Mr. Schreiber taught us about life and how to succeed at it. He taught us, by example, the importance of being on time and how to demonstrate discipline and consistency in our actions on the field. Passionate about his work and our personal well-being, he gave us confidence by teaching us to believe in ourselves, and he taught us compassion and caring by treating others with kindness.

From Soccer Player to Financial Advisor  

In my 25-year career in financial services, I’ve tried my best to put those lessons to good use.  Mr. Schreiber’s influence helped shape me into a competent and caring advisor as well as an effective leader and coach to others in my field.

As an advisor I coach my clients using the lessons I learned on the soccer field. I take a genuine interest in helping them get what they want and focus on what’s important to each one of them. I listen to their concerns and direct them toward the right course of action so they can achieve their goals. I believe I give my clients the confidence and clarity they need to be comfortable in implementing strategies that will help them secure their futures and protect the ones they love. I am passionate about helping my clients reach their goals and I know they feel this passion and trust, understanding that my intentions are to support them in their goals.

My early success as an advisor afforded me the opportunity to become a manager, where my job was helping others develop successful financial services practices. Over the years, as a manager and more recently as CEO, I have successfully coached hundreds of advisors and have enjoyed seeing their careers flourish as they helped thousands of clients secure and improve their financial lives. 

As IFWA’s Head Coach

My brother Darren and I started IFWA to give artists and arts professionals access to valuable financial education and quality coaching that will ensure their financial well-being now and in the future.  Today, as IFWA’s Head Coach, I continue to feel passionate about my work and feel honored to work with the stellar coaches on our team. 

Having a financial coach is no different from having other coaches in your life who help to get you where you want to be. In the arts, perhaps a voice, dance, or acting coach helped guide you along the way and gave you the confidence to take action and stay the course. In many cases, good coaching is a key factor in an artist’s success. 

Contrary to what you might think, the world of the arts and finance are not all that far apart. The art of achieving financial success also requires confidence, discipline, and guidance toward the right path. That path is different for everyone and a great financial coach knows how to assess your particular situation, propose the appropriate path, and guide you toward making the right choices to get there.  Just as important, a great coach can help you  find the confidence and passion needed to take ownership of decisions that can secure the financial wellness of you and your family.  

We expect nothing less from our financial coaches at IFWA. We count on them to share their knowledge, discipline, consistency, passion, and kindness with every client.  An IFWA coach can put you on the right path so you can focus on continued success in your arts career. We are excited about this journey to bring more financial wellness to the arts industry so you can relax about your finances and let your creativity soar!

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