IFWA Coaching FAQ's

Are there costs for IFWA coaching or planning sessions?

The entire IFWA coaching and planning process is complimentary.  There are no costs or fees charged by the coach or the IFWA. 

How are coaches compensated?

Coaches are compensated.  However, coaches do not engage in a fee for service environment. What that means to you is no cost to you for any coaching sessions or any aspect of the planning process.   Once there is a strategy devised it will likely require the implementation of different savings, investments, or insurance products.   The coach will show you options of appropriate recommendations and should you choose to implement those recommendations the companies pay coaches compensation directly.

Who are the IFWA coaches?

IFWA coaches are carefully vetted through an IFWA selection process and are trained to address every stage of an artist or arts professional’s life. All IFWA coaches hold an active FINRA Securities License and an active Life/Health/Variable Annuity License and maintain state-regulated continuing education requirements. They also must always be affiliated and supported by a Fortune 500 financial services company and maintain complete client confidentiality.

What is the coaching process?

IFWA coaches follow a collaborative and confidential six-step process based on everyone’s unique set of financial circumstances, needs and goals.  The six steps include establishing the coach-client relationship, gathering information and setting goals, analyzing the client’s current situation, designing the strategy and discussing options, implementing the strategy, and monitoring and reviewing progress.

What if an artist or arts professional is not ready for financial planning and has other issues or circumstances to address?

The IFWA understands that financial education and planning, while critical, are only part of the equation for true financial well-being. Other areas or issues such as debt consolidation, student loan support, career guidance, organizational planning, accounting and legal must also be in order. In the spirit of the IFWA mission we have assembled trusted resource partners in each of these areas and facilitate those relationships when needed.

How is the IFWA compensated?

The IFWA receives compensation from the coaches, a portion of the compensation coaches receive is paid to the IFWA. 

Does the IFWA invest my money?

No – the IFWA does not invest or manage money or make specific recommendations about investment choices. The IFWA is a media, education and marketing platform to raise awareness and facilitate relationships with a vetted coach attached to a Fortune 500 financial services company with strict oversight and compliance to always do what is in the best interest of clients.

Do the coaches work for the IFWA?

The IFWA coaches are independent contractors who are carefully selected, vetted, trained, and always affiliated with a Fortune 500 company.