IFWA Curriculum (Spring 2019)

Introduction to Financial Wellness for Artists (Course 101)

IFWA’s financial coaches have presented our marquee course, “The Introduction to Financial Wellness for Artists,” across the country to thousands of artists, arts professionals, and students planning careers in the arts. This dynamic one-hour session is designed to raise awareness about the importance of financial planning and demonstrate how it can improve your quality of life at any stage in your career.  The course dispels the false beliefs that underlie the stereotype of the “struggling artist’s” who are unable or unwilling to take control of their financial lives, much less achieve true financial wellness.  It makes financial planning understandable and accessible by providing information and resources you can use to create a well-rounded financial plan tailored to your specific needs.

To start the course you will be asked to create a user name and password for access to the curriculum portal.  This will become your user name and password for all other courses as well.