Inspirational Board

The IFWA Inspirational Board knows how important individual financial well-being is to creative freedom and professional development. While each have their own experience of challenges and successes; they all are devoted to share their stories, empower others, and help raise financial awareness throughout the arts community.

"...the truth is, you always need adequate financial savings so that you can keep doing the creative work that you want to do."   
~ Kristin Chenoweth   

Inspirational Board

Alex Ramon

Master Magician

"Since I was a teenager I have said I want to "retire" at 45, but didn't realize what I meant. What I really meant was, I wanted financial freedom. And this concept is never discussed in the arts. We are always concerned about our...

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Bruce E. Whitacre

CEO Theatre Forward

"...The orientation of looking to be of service was clarifying, motivating, and effective in helping me come to terms with what I could do with money and the possibilities it opens." ~ Bruce E. Whitacre Bruce has been Executive...

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David Bar Katz

Playwright, Screen Writer, Activist

David Bar Katz’s prolific writing career spans film, theater, television. Among his accomplishments is the multiple Tony Award nominated show Freakwhich he co-wrote and directed on Broadway. The show also earned Katz an Emmy...
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Holly Peppe

Poet, Author, Mentor

Holly Peppe is a Public Relations, Media, and Brand Management Strategist specializing in the promotion of individuals and groups committed to education, the arts, health issues, gender equality and human rights. As a Crisis...

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Krisha Marcano

Actress, Professor, Entrepreneur

Krisha Marcano brings to the UNCSA School of Drama a personal and individual approach to teaching dance to actors—offering tools, guidance and support. With an abundance of theatre credits and many years of professional dance...
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Kristin Chenoweth

Actress, Singer, Performer

Emmy and Tony Award winning actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth’s career spans film, television, voiceover and stage. In 2015, Chenoweth received a coveted star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2009, she received an Emmy Award...

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Malik Yoba

Actor, Singer, Entrepreneur

The three time NAACP Image Award Winner is probably best known for his roles as an actor in the 1993 Disney classic, Cool Runnings, and the hit Fox television series Empire and New York Undercover. Malik Yoba has proven himself to be...
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