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Employees Matter: Why Leading Arts Organizations are Embracing Financial Wellness in the Workplace

One of the aims of the Institute of Financial Wellness for the Arts (IFWA), launched in 2018 and expanding nationally this year, is to provide advice on handling money to artists of all stripes.... Read More


It’s Never Too Soon to Save

You can get your financial house in order, even in the face of debt and fluctuating income. (The alternative: greater debt and uncertainty.)
By understanding just a few basics, you can start to demystify the concept of financial wellness and put yourself on a path to savings and security that will literally pay dividends in the long run... Read More

5 Best Expense Tracker Apps

Tech-savvy smartphone apps have made monitoring spending habits, tracking expenses and managing money a breeze.
"The foundation of financial planning in general is getting a grasp on what your expenses are," says Shir Keidan, senior educator and coach with the Institute of Financial Wellness for the Arts... Read More

Financial Planning as an Artist Isn't Easy. This South Florida Company Wants to Help

Brothers Darren and Erik Sussman launched IFWA in 2018. The young company's clients include local and national arts organizations, and the casts of multiple Broadway shows... Read More

Capacity Interactive - Digital Marketing Consultant for the Arts

Darren Sussman and Erik Gensler talk about why it’s crucial for arts professionals to have the freedom of financial wellness. They also discuss financial planning offense and defense, and growth lessons from Darren’s years at TheaterMania and OvationTix… Read More

Artistic Careers Are Tough; This Startup Is Aiming To Change That

The industry goodwill is perhaps unsurprising. Underneath the IFWA's artsy hood is the kind of modular, steady outfit you'd expect from any Fortune 500 advisory firm... Read More

The Path To Financial Fitness: Membership is Free

Is a secure financial future possible if you pursue a life in the arts? The answer’s a resounding “yes.” The savviest arts professionals recognize that financial wellness is critical to creative freedom and career longevity. Financial fitness depends on four things... Read More

Darren Sussman to Introduce The Institute of Financial Wellness for the Arts

TheaterMania and OvationTix cofounder and former president Darren Sussman will introduce his next venture, the Institute of Financial Wellness for the Arts (IFWA), at the Friars Club... Read More

South Florida Theatre League and The IFWA Announce New Partnership

The South Florida Theatre League is proud to announce the launch of The Institute of Financial Wellness for the Arts (IFWA) to the South Florida theater and arts market... Read More

Institute of Financial Wellness for the Arts Launches in South Florida

Miami’s arts leaders gathered at The Sandrell Rivers Theatre in Liberty City recently to learn more about the Institute of Financial Wellness for the Arts, a newly formed organization with a mission to empower financial sustainability for artists, professionals and non-profit arts groups. IFWA was founded by Darren Sussman; his brother Erik Sussman serves as Chairman... Read More