Our Mission

The Institute of Financial Wellness for the Arts (IFWA) provides valuable financial education and planning solutions to everyone in the arts and entertainment industry.

Everyone involved in a career in the arts—musicians, actors, visual artists, writers, directors, DJ’s, dancers, and arts administrators—deserves a well-planned and successful financial life.

By providing access to fundamental financial education and planning, our goal is to enable every artist and arts professional, nationwide, to make informed choices and decisions that result in financial well-being.

IFWA’s curriculum, content, and services are specifically designed for every stage of your financial life.  Whether you’re just starting out, enjoying mid-career success, or if you’re an established artist looking to maximize assets and protect your future, our experienced coaches can guide you toward the right choices every step of the way.  

At IFWA we believe creativity isn’t restricted to the arts. Being aware and knowledgeable and taking control of your financial life are also creative acts that can put you on the path to financial stability and wellness.

Contact IFWA today and let your creativity soar!