Finally, financial coaching specifically for artists & arts professionals.

  • Share Your Goals & Concerns
  • Receive Feedback & Guidance
  • Secure Your Financial Future

The IFWA is committed to providing valuable financial education and planning solutions to everyone in the arts & entertainment industry. Every IFWA coach follows a collaborative and confidential six-step process based on each individual’s unique set of financial circumstances, needs, and goals. 

~ Kristin Chenoweth
Actress, Singer, Performer & IFWA Board Member

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How Does It Work? 

Everyone with a career in the arts - musicians, actors, visual writers, directors, DJ's, dancers, administrators - all deserve a well-planned, successful financial life.

Learn About You

Our Artist Relations Specialist will speak to you and learn about your goals and needs.

Meet Your Coach

Then you will be paired with the IFWA financial coach that is the best fit for you.

Assess Your Needs

Your accredited coach will learn more about your concerns, goals and dreams.

Plan of Action

Your coach will design & implement a strategic plan and financial path for you and your family. 

Our IFWA Coaches have six-step process for success:   

  1. Establish the Coach-Client Relationship
  2. Gather Information and Set Goals
  3. Analyze Client's Current Situation
  4. Design Strategy and Discuss Options
  5. Implement the Strategy
  6. Monitor and Review Process

 - Casey Benjamin, IFWA & Two-Time Grammy Award-winning Musician

Schedule Your Financial
Coaching Session Today