Leadership and Staff

Darren Sussman

Founder & President

Darren is the founder and President of IFWA, committed to continue serving the arts and entertainment community.  In 1999, he conceived and co-founded TheaterMania...

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Erik Sussman


Erik Sussman is the Chairman of the IFWA and brings over 20 years of financial services experience, success and insight to his roles, to improve the lives of clients, associates, and...

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Michele Friedlander

Director of Disability & LTC Education

Michele brings over 30 years of experience primarily in the disability income insurance arena to IFWA.  She specializes in working with clients to protect their income and asset protection needs...

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Russell Steinberg

Director of Short-Term & Critical Illness Protection Strategy

Russell fills an important role for the IFWA protecting individuals from short term challenges and critical illness.  Russel has also been acting and performing professionally from an early age...

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Rees Bridges

VP of Artist Relations & Marketing

Rees Bridges brings a unique value to the IFWA as both a highly accomplished musician and a successful financial services professional to serve his role as the Director of Artist Relations...

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Mitch Seiden

Director of Internal Operations

Mitch brings in over 12 years of operational experience in the financial services industry to the IFWA. While starting his career in 2007, Mitch gained experience assisting in various departments learning the many behind the scenes...

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Bailie Slevin

Senior Educator & Financial Coach

Bailie is a lead educator and senior IFWA financial coach.  As the founder of Entertaining Finance, a business management and financial consulting firm geared specifically towards creatives she brings 13 years of experience...

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