What Do We Do?

IFWA’s work begins by providing financial education and resources to people in the arts and entertainment industry.  

Our curriculums, content, and services are specially designed to address every stage of an artist or arts professional’s financial life.  Whether you’re just starting out, enjoying mid-career success, or if you’re an established artist looking to maximize assets and protect your future, our IFWA experienced coaches will guide you toward the right choices every step of the way.

IFWA has assembled a hand-selected team of esteemed financial professionals nationwide to serve those working in the arts industry. As soon as you contact us, IFWA will facilitate an initial complimentary consultation with an accredited compatible financial coach and then monitor your ongoing work together.

For Individuals:  Receive a complimentary and confidential consultation with a coach to review your personal financial situation, goals, and concerns.  From there your coach will recommend a strategic plan, tailored to your needs, to ensure you are on track for a successful financial future for you and your family.  

For Organizations:  IFWA is committed to help arts organizations offer ongoing financial wellness, education, and access to viable savings and protection benefit programs to the entire staff (full and part-time). IFWA can help your organization’s achieve its HR and employee wellness goals to recruit and retain talent in today’s competitive employment landscape.  


How Do We Do It?

Empowerment. Education. Action.

Digital Platforms

IFWA’s website-- www.theifwa.com--is your financial education and resource hub, with 24/7 access to our Education Center, Resource Library, IFWA newsroom, partner services, and event schedules. Most important, it gives you direct access to your own personal financial coach, selected to suit your unique situation and needs.  

Social Media:  The IFWA community is active on all the key social platforms. Specific content designed for consumption on each platform is distributed daily. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin  

Newsletters: Sign up for the IFWA e-newsletter for insider access to exclusive IFWA content and resources.  Get the latest tips, trends, and news for a better financial today and tomorrow.

One-On-One Coaching Program

At the end of the day, each of us has a unique set of circumstances, concerns, and goals for our financial life and future. IFWA’s complimentary and confidential, One-On-One program, a critical element of our work, offers individualized attention to each client.  During your first IFWA meeting, one of our accredited coaches will meet with you and learn about your specific situation before designing a strategic plan and financial path for you and your family. By taking your particular situation into account, your coach will help you select the best financial choices for today and the future. Any artist or arts professional is welcome to book a consultation with one of our coaches anytime by phone, video, or in person. 

Wellness in the Workplace & Group Education Sessions

Don’t expect your typical financial seminar with too many charts, book jargon, fear-based analogies, and distant theories. Instead, look forward to a dynamic, inspiring, relevant, empowering, entertaining, and informative experience. IFWA education is all about putting the audience first—our presentations are always relevant and curated for every audience we serve.  

As a financial education partner, IFWA collaborates with numerous arts service organizations, businesses, and groups nationwide. For example, our “Financial Education for the Workplace” program is presented year-round to arts organizations throughout the country. Book IFWA for your arts organization or group.

Broadway Show Financial Soiree’s

Broadway shows often include a cast and crew of hundreds: actors, musicians, stage hands, set designers, stage managers, directors, choreographers, dancers, writers, producers and more, each of them playing an important role putting on a show.  IFWA coordinates with a show’s liaison and hosts a financial soiree for the cast and crew in a venue near the theater, usually before the show. These events include refreshments, IFWA financial education, group dialogue about relevant financial topics and concerns, and an opportunity to continue working with a personal financial coach for the future.  Broadway is a key focus for IFWA and our IFWA Broadway Alumni list continues to grow.

Industry Conferences  

The IFWA attends and supports industry conferences and trade shows all year long.  Whether we’re represented by a sponsorship or exhibitor booth, or participating in an industry session or round-table discussion, or delivering a keynote speech, we will be there, promoting financial education and wellness.  Check the event schedule to see where we will be next. 

Universities & Colleges

One of the core principles of financial planning is to start when you’re young. IFWA’s goal is to make that the case for as many up-and-coming artists and arts professionals as we can. To help get them started, we offer special guest lecture appearances, online curriculum's, and continuing education for college students in the arts. 

Learn more about the IFWA College and University Program.


Who said financial education couldn’t be shared at a concert, play, dance performance, or comedy show? We sure didn’t. IFWA produces, presents, and often sponsors live programming with unique tie-ins to our core message promoting financial education and well-being. Find out about upcoming IFWA Live events here.

Wait There's More!

IFWA is gradually closing the gap between the arts industry and the need for financial education and personal planning resources. But there are other critical areas that can affect an artist’s or arts organization’s financial success as well.

We sought the most trusted and competent partners to provide you with additional resources in each of the areas below.  

Individual Career Guidance

Organizational Planning

Student Loan Support

Debt Management